Below Are Some Questions We Are Commonly Asked:

Are You Insured?

Yes. We carry insurance as required by Texas law.

How Much Will My Project Cost?

We put great effort into our quotes. Our estimators will calculate measurements, time required and materials needed. We’ll bring you the best price possible for QUALITY work.

I Just Thought Of A Great Idea For My Home Project. Can We Edit The Plan?

We love Pinterest and Houzz too. As long as it’s structurally safe, of course we can make edits. Just let us know quickly so we can save you money on materials and time. We don’t want your project cost increased where it’s not needed.

Do you offer crack guarantees?

Concrete comes with two certainties: it hardens, and it cracks. While efforts are made to control cracks through strategic cutting, environmental factors like extreme temperatures can cause hairline cracks beyond control. However, these cracks are often cosmetic and do not compromise structural integrity.

How do you ensure quality?

Quality starts with a solid sub-base of crushed limestone gravel, followed by heavy reinforcement using steel rebar and synthetic fiber mesh. We use high-quality concrete mixes for durability.

How is water managed on the concrete?

Efficient water runoff is a priority. We ensure a ¼” per foot pitch on all projects where feasible.

What’s the typical concrete thickness?

Thickness varies by project, with most projects poured at 4” thickness, driveways at 5”, and other structures at appropriate thicknesses.

Do I need permits?

In most cases, concrete flatwork doesn’t require permits, but projects involving foundation walls might. Homeowners are responsible for property lines and zoning compliance.

When can I use my driveway/garage?

We recommend waiting 7-10 days for vehicle traffic, extending to 10-12 days in colder seasons, with full curing in 28 days.

Why are there spots on my new concrete?

These spots are part of the curing process and will fade as the concrete cures over approximately 30 days.

What if the concrete doesn’t look perfect?

Concrete is inherently imperfect due to various factors, which contribute to its unique aesthetics.

Do you charge for estimates?

No, consultations and estimates are provided free of charge.

Is it advisable to utilize salt on concrete?

The application of de-icing salts during winter can lead to damage on concrete surfaces. While it’s essential to keep exterior concrete free of snow and ice for safety, there are no de-icing salts or chemicals deemed entirely “safe” for concrete. During the initial winter, it’s strongly advised to refrain from using salt on new concrete. Instead, sand can be employed for traction when necessary. For subsequent winters, if opting to use de-icing salts, applying a sealer to the concrete in autumn is recommended to prevent water and salt infiltration. Minimize salt usage, promptly clear slush and salt from the concrete, and rinse in spring if possible.

If salt isn’t an option, what’s the alternative?

Promptly clear snow before it hardens, and apply sand for traction. Sandbags are available at various hardware or landscape supply stores.


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